Our Speciality

Mr. U.Radhakrishnan was born at Nambi Nagar Nanguneri town in thirunelveli district. He is a young man and very enthusiastic with creative & the challenging person .After obtaining his civil engineering, he has started his career with Larsen & toubro in 2005& Itd cementation. And He has the proficiency in marine civil engineering and the infra structure engineering and he proved his mettle in the capacities of marketing manager and managing director in his company. The knowledge gained from engineering and Management studies coupled with rich industrial experience gained from multinational companies will be an added advantage for him in providing the value added training to all their employees and moulding them as future managers to meet the expectations of the various organizations in the present competitive global scenario. Because of his prowess only he has accomplished his objective and also He provides the innovative quality construction with economically & durable homes to people who want it with Low cost. He is the only person who has inspired to all their employees and his circumstances. More than 15 team in our company.


In thirunelveli district , Mr .Nambiya Pillai is person who had Originated the nanguneri nambi nagar in nanguneri taluk and he is the Great –Great grant father of Mr.U .Radhakrishnan. Above all, Mr.Nambiar Pillai is the first Civil Contractor in thirunelveli district and he has built the Nambiar dam at Nanguneri Taluk, Nanguneri Taluk office , Sub jail and all . And especially He has donated his own land for constructing the sankar reddiyar government higher Secondary school At Nanguneri. He is a very effective and efficient constructor and distributed all his belongings for educational purpose. He was one of the leading manufacturer of Burnt –Mud Tile company (Country Tile) and he has supplied it to the entire South India. Mr. Nambiar Pillai is a very kind- hearted person and he has elected as a Village Panchayat union president in Nanguneri and. Mr.U.Radhakrishnan blessed and followed by them and Mr.Nambiar Pillai is the only person who have inspired and led him to do the construction and induced him . Therefore, he has started his career doing construction as a Passion. And the feeling of engineering sense has mixed in the blood so that he has developed their career in the construction field.